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  1. National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization
    The Contributions can be made by remitting to the following accounts:
    1. In the case of postal money order;
      Name of the Bank:JAPAN POST BANK
      Account Number:00180-6-392836
      Account Holder’s name:Midorinobokin.


    2. In the case of bank remittance;
      Name of the Bank:Mizuho Bank
      Branch Name:CHOSONKAIKAN
      Type of Account:Savings Account
      Branch Number:013
      Account Number:1834713
      Account Holder’s name:Midorinobokin,Kokudo Ryokka Suishin Kiko.
  2. Prefectural Revegetation Promotion Committees
    Please inquire the respective Commmittees for necessary information.

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